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Henna Kalsi, MD FSVM


Minnesota Vein Center is very pleased to announce Henna Kalsi, MD as Medical Director/ Practicing Physician of MVC.   She is board certified in Vascular Medicine and Internal Medicine and has over 15 years of extensive experience.  She has been practicing in Rochester since 2005.  Dr. Kalsi completed her fellowship  at Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic.  She has authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and served as Vascular Medicine faculty consultant to the Cardiovascular Medicine Department at Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Kalsi’s focus includes Vascular Medicine, Phlebology (venous disorders)  and Internal Medicine. She is dedicated to the treatment of  vascular and vein conditions, lymphedema and other conditions.  Our team is so very pleased to have this level of expertise for continued care of our existing and new venous/vascular patients familiar to the Minnesota Vein Center.



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