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Free Vein Screening: October 2017

October 23 and 24, Monday & Tuesday, 9-5  at Minnesota Vein Center.   651-765-8346

You are invited  to join us for our Fall Screening Event.  As expected, we’re enjoying the beautiful fall we all anticipated; it is only now that we are donning our sweaters.  Soon, the leaves will be gone!  Here, in the office, we are informing folks that now is the time to plan for treatment.  Proper fall planning will optimize the use of health care accounts,  insurance benefits but will also ensure that you are prepared for 2018 Spring/Summer season.

Join us for our final 2017 Free Vein Screening Event which includes a  brief history, a modified ultrasound evaluation and the provision of vein health information.  If you have aching, heaviness, leg fatigue or restless legs, ankle swelling or bulging veins, call 651-765-8346 or schedule now below for a 20 minute Complimentary Vein Screening.  Plan for the years end!  Remember, venous disorders are most often a hereditary issue:  Please share our message and this invitation with your family and friends.


This event has ended. The next Quarterly Free Vein Screening offerings will be the event of Jan. 29, 2018 through Feb. 15th, 2018.  Monday through Thurs.

Thank you to everyone who made this screening a success. Check back often for more vein screening opportunities.  Follow updates through our newsletter.


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