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Is it safe to remove veins?

Dr. Pal discussing it is safe to remove veins with the staff in St Paul , Blaine and Minneapolis

Have you talked with relatives or searched the internet for safe vein treatment for your spider or varicose veins?  Do you now have even more questions?  Do you feel you need treatment but the thought of having a vein removed is causing you added concern?  You are not alone.  A common patient question here at Minnesota Vein Center is whether the veins being treated are safe to remove.  Patients worry that removing a varicose or spider veins will cause problems with their health or that they may cause an issue later in life.  We are pleased to let you know, this is not the case.

Will I need these veins?

If you do have varicose or spider veins these are veins which are not functioning properly and they are affecting your circulation.  These damaged veins act as reservoirs, holding blood instead of moving it for proper circulation. The answer is no, since they don’t perform properly they are not needed.  Instead these veins pose a risk to your health.

How can circulation improve if you remove veins?

Unhealthy veins allow blood to flow in the wrong direction and then nearby veins have an increase in work load.  The surrounding veins now work to move blood effectively back towards the heart.  When the unhealthy or damaged veins are removed the surrounding veins are relieved of the additional burden.

What if I need my veins for open heart surgery in the future?

In cardiovascular surgery today, when grafts might be needed for coronary bypass surgery,  Dr Pal explains, “the Internal mammary arteries are the most common bypass grafts.”  These arteries have the best long-term results.  While healthy saphenous leg veins are still used as grafts, an unhealthy, thin varicose saphenous vein would not be harvested for use in cardiac bypass surgery.

What are the benefits to having veins removed?

There are many benefits to having your varicose or spider veins removed.  By eliminating improper functioning veins the pressure on your venous system will decrease, returning to normal.  Treatment also alleviates the symptoms related to unhealthy veins.  These may include:

  • Itchy legs
  • Rash, skin discoloration and scarring
  • Ankle swelling
  • Achiness, heaviness and leg fatigue
  • Throbbing or leg cramping

If you have concerns or would like more information, call 651-765-8346, schedule a consultation here or sign-up for upcoming free vein screening events.

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