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Still Confused?

Why patients chose Minnesota Vein Center

Dr. Primepares G. Pal and the vein specialty  professionals at Minnesota Vein Center will provide your care using state-of-the-art treatments and provide superior attention to detail.  Are you still confused about finding the best vein care?  Here is what sets us apart from other vein centers and practices:

  1. We focus exclusively on superior vein care by a double boarded physician. (Board-Certified Internist, and one of first physicians Board-Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.)
  2. Venous disease is our Specialty; as of 2018 we have  performed over 20,000 minimally-invasive treatments at one location since 2004.
  3. We are a local physician practice dedicated solely to your vein care – and are not corporate-owned.  We maintain hospital and insurance credentialing.
  4. We are of the First Dedicated Vein Center’s in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and suburb and are conveniently located.  Our patients are not only local but come to us from Northern Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa.
  5. Your total care will be completed in our North Oaks office from evaluation, treatment to follow-up, always with the same physician and staff. Our center is highly- efficient and outcome-focused.   We are the primary care physicians preferred vein center for referral.
  6. We offer expert and full services all in one setting,  including:  Ultrasound vein diagnostics and mapping,  Endovenous Ablation  ( radiofrequency, laser, venaseal, and Moca), Phlebectomy, Ultrasound-guided chemical ablation and superficial sclerotherapy treatments. VeinWave.
  7. We have highly credentialed, experienced dedicated staff and use the most advanced treatment technologies and electronic medical records.
  8. Treatments are minimally invasive vein procedures for venous insufficiency, varicose and spider veins.  These are quick, easy and with little or no down time.  Care is comprehensive with minimal return treatment visits.
  9. We provide quarterly Complimentary Vein Screenings which includes modified exam and ultrasound.
  10. We accept all major insurances, Medicare and offer Care Credit services.

No longer confused? or  just in need more information?   Contact our vein specialist today and experience Minnesota Vein Center for yourself:   651.765.8346.




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