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Healthy Living Scholarship

Minnesota Vein Center is dedicated to promoting vein health in the community. However, as leaders in the medical field, we are also committed to advocating overall health and wellness among the public. Good health can be achieved by maintaining a proper diet and nutrition plan, exercising regularly, and practicing emotional and environmental awareness. We believe that the most effective means of spreading useful health and wellness information is to cultivate an understanding of ourselves, our earth and the lifestyle choices that we face.

The Healthy Living Scholarship is offered by Minnesota Vein Center to provide an advantage to those who reflect the stimulus of positive change through demonstrated awareness. We hope to award individuals who embody positive beliefs pertaining to diet, nutrition, physical fitness and emotional wellbeing and our ecological impact.

How to Apply

Full time undergraduate students who are attending an accredited United States college or University and maintain over a 3.0 GPA are encouraged to apply. Individuals that meet these credentials will:

  • Write an 800 to 1000 word essay discussing topics related to healthy living.
  • Summarize the impact of nutrition, diet, exercise, emotional well-being or environment on personal health.
  • Use creativity and personal experiences to expand on the topics above and discuss initiatives that can be taken to establishing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • The essay must be uploaded in the format of either a Word document, a PDF or a Google Doc.
  • Include personal information (Full Name, Phone, Address and Email) and institution name at the top of the document.
  • Submit essay documents to Attn: Committee Member at [email protected]
  • Use “Healthy Living Scholarship” as the email subject

Application Deadline:

Fall: October 11
Spring: February 12

Eligible Recipients:

Any undergraduate student that is currently attending an accredited US college or university full time. Eligible applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

Applicants must be able to provide an official or unofficial transcript. The transcript must visibly state both: your full name and the name of the institution you are attending. If you are an incoming freshman, please submit your senior-year high school transcript. This transcript should indicate your cumulative high school GPA.

Scholarship Amount:

Two scholarship awards of $1000 each will be granted; one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester of each academic year. Recipients are eligible to receive the scholarship award one semester.

Selection Process:

The Minnesota Vein Center Scholarship Committee will review submitted essays and supporting documents. One student will be selected for each semester. The selected student will be contacted by the Minnesota Vein Center and notified of the award within two weeks following the application deadline. Scholarship funds will then be sent to the financial aid office of the selected candidate’s institution where it will be credited toward your educational expenses.


If you have any questions that are not addressed, please email [email protected]