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Will insurance cover vein treatment?

Insurance cover vein treatment Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota

Most patients ask “will insurance cover vein treatments?”  Health insurance policies in Minnesota will generally cover treatments of venous insufficiency and varicose veins if you have symptoms, skin changes or complications from your vein problem.

  • Common symptoms can include:  pain/discomfort, swelling, leg fatigue and aching, cramping, itching, restless legs, etc.  Any one or even a few symptoms are considered adequate to warrant coverage.
  • Some insurance plans require photo images when bulging veins are the concern.
  • However, the documented ultrasound findings will be the deciding factor.

At Minnesota Vein Center, our staff will work directly with your insurance provider to obtain authorizations for you.  We will research and review your expected out-of-pocket expenses with you on your first visit.  YOU will know in advance how your evaluation and treatments will cost you rather that searching for this information yourself.

High deductible plans should be submitted through insurance for best overall health coverage practices.   Call us if you have questions about your deductible.

A very important question to ask your vein specialist is if he/she is “In-Network” or if they “Participate” in your particular insurance plan.  Your out-of-pocket expenses, of course, will be much lower if the physician and office are “in-network.”  At Minnesota Vein Center, we are credentialed though all major insurance plans.  Our participation with insurance companies helps to keep our treatments at the most affordable rate for our patients.

Venous disease significantly affects the quality of life for patients.   As we age,  vein problems worsen and complications develop.  As one of the few Minnesota medical practices committed exclusively to vein care, Minnesota Vein Center is uniquely capable of alleviating vein health problems.

You can arrange a consultation by calling 651-765-8346.  Once you have a diagnosis, Dr. Pal will help you understand the disease process and treatment recommendations. Our staff will also provide coverage advice which is based on experience with your specific insurance provider.

All treatments are minimally invasive, usually covered by insurance, and delivered in our office setting.  And, at Minnesota Vein Center, we proudly serve our patients not only with excellence and compassion, but also with convenience and affordability.  We strive to improve vein health care, call us at 651-765-8346 and visit us at

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