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Decreasing Your DVT Risks

DVT imageSpring is a time of school breaks,  work breaks and  –  yes, vacations!   This time of year it is especially important to be alert to DVT as vacations and travel are a dangerous time for DVT.  Travel by airplane, car, bus or train will  increase your risk for DVT.

Taking the following actions may help to decrease your risk for DVT and provide you with a healthier and more enjoyable vacation:

  • Wear medical grade compression stockings while traveling. These stockings help increase the circulation in your legs.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine or alcohol as both have dehydrating effects.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes during your trip.
  • Get up from your seat every one to two hours. In an airplane, request an aisle seat in order to stretch and move about.  In a car, stop in a safe location and walk 10 minutes every two hours when able.When seated, rotate your ankles, draw circles on the ground with your toes, and flex your feet and toes. Try to slightly raise your legs intermittently and hold them in the air a few seconds.

If you think you may have varicose veins, increasing your risk for DVT, call Minnesota Vein Center at 651-765-8346 to schedule a Consultation with our physician at our convenient  location in the Twin-Cities, North Oaks areas.

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