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Timing is Everything… Seasons and Insurance

When summer turns to fall, the staff at Minnesota Vein Center recognize that seasons do affect a patient’s decisions to seek treatment.  While we are busy at our center year round,  we understand that patient visits are often dependent upon events which occur during a particular season.

After the first of the year, we see patients who are determined to fulfill a resolution to better care for themselves.  By mid-March many patients wish to use their spring break to complete a procedure or they are planning for a late spring trip.  Towards the end of spring, many people are eager to obtain treatment before the beginning of another beautiful Minnesota summer.

Once summer rolls around, we know that we are going to see many patients who just do not care about season.  These patients (often times men) have a medical issue that can wait no longer.  They know their legs need to be treated sooner rather than later.  By now, mid-August, Minnesota Vein Center is in full swing and very busy helping those wanting to plan family schedules and fall finances.

In August and September, we see patients who have been monitoring their insurance plans and deductibles, their health care savings accounts or their health reimbursement accounts.  Those who have met their insurance deductibles by this time understand this to be the BEST TIME to schedule their evaluation and/or procedure in order to meet a year-end insurance deadline.  They also know that October, November and December are the busiest months for vein specialists like Minnesota Vein Center.

Other patients have health savings accounts or health reimbursement accounts with remaining funds.  They call as they simply would like to use their resources before year’s end.  Fall and early winter seem to be the most convenient and the most cost effective seasons for folks to ‘time’ their own health care – including vein care and procedures.

At Minnesota Vein Center – through-out the  year, we are helping patients plan their needed care during any season which may fit their need.  We strive to educate our patient population not only on the disease process but also to the details of health care insurance.  We work to better accommodate our patients and to help provide the highest quality of care.

“Timing is Everything”…. remember to plan for your end-of-the-year health care needs. Start planning today by completing the form below:


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