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Blue Foot / Corona Phlebectasia

Corona phlebectasiaWhat is Corona Phlebectasia?   This is an important physical sign of vein disease and seen quite frequently in the vein center in Minnesota.  It is a pattern or cluster of  blue veins at the ankle and foot creating an appearance of a “blue foot.”  It is actually an early sign of advanced vein disease and often indicates failed valves in the great saphenous vein, one of the several veins that drain the surface of your legs.



What should be done about it?

First, call to schedule an appointment with a Vein Specialist, Dr. Pal.  During your initial call, the staff may ask of your symptoms and also whether you have a pattern or cluster of dark veins at your inner (sometimes outer) ankles.  A history, exam and ultrasound will be scheduled for your first office visit with Dr. Pal.  This evaluation is completed in approximately one hour.

Second, Dr. Pal may discuss the simple ablation technique using either radiofrequency or laser to close the problem or the ‘culprit’ vein.  With this treatment the leg will feel better and the symptoms of venous valve insufficiency will begin to resolve.

Third, following treatment of the source, a tincture of time is in order to observe the improvement of the corona phlebectasia.  Later, several 20-minute sessions of sclerotherapy may be required.   This will further close blue veins at the foot and ankle and can bring considerable improvement to foot blood flow and foot and ankle appearance.  The ankles and feet will look and feel much younger and chances of bleeding from broken vessels will be greatly reduced.

Why close the damaged vein?

Vein valve failure causes increased pressure in the veins below and this causes progressive symptoms and complications.  Untreated, the venous hypertension that results from failed valves can cause deterioration of the skin, ulceration, edema, bleeding varicosities, painful, swelling and tired legs.  Varicose veins increase the risk of phlebitis and deep vein clots.  It is important to stop further injury and to repair the damage caused by vein hypertension.  Early diagnosis and treatment are essential.

The physician and staff at Minnesota Vein Center offer the most advanced vein treatment and procedures and the highest quality of care.  Contact us and schedule an appointment today by calling  (651) 765-8346.

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