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2012 Sclerotherapy Congresso Nazionale, Florence Italy. March 23–24th.

Dr. Pal and Jacqueline Pal attended the eleventh conference of Sclerotherapy, held in conjuction with the second national congress of Associazione Flebologica Italiana (AFI.) In this congress all topics pertaining to sclerotherapy were discussed. The presentations and interactive discussions were led by world famous Phlebologists, including Dr. Alessandro Frullini, Dr. Stefano Ricci and Dr. Alessandro Pieri.

Florence was selected for this Congress Nazionale and is a city of great attraction. The city is traditionally linked to Phlebology, as the first of scientific descriptions of the venous system was made by Leonardo da Vinci there in the dissectiong rooms of the hospital Santa Maria Nuova in Florence. European Phlebologist are leaders in all Sclerotherapy treatment modalities.

This edition, SCLEROTHERAPY 2012, was held in three languages (English, Italian and Spanish) with simultaneous translation. This conference provided invaluable scientific information in stimulating European format.

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