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Preparing for your ablation procedure

You’ve completed your research, found a qualified and experienced vein specialist and have had a comprehensive vein evaluation.  You have investigated best techniques and state-of-the art technology.  You understand your insurance coverage. Your physician recommends an ablation and you are preparing for your procedure.

Most vein specialists and their staff provide patients with pre-procedural education and instructions.  Your endovenous ablation may require CoolTouch Laser, Venefit radiofrequency catheter, or Clarivein techniques.  During your comprehensive evaluation an individualized treatment plan will be discussed.  You also receive, from our office,  a letter of notification.  This will inform you of your procedure and their dates, the pre-procedure guidelines and the follow-up self-care recommendations.  This letter arrives by mail one week prior to your procedure.

Guidelines are a part of preparing for the procedural appointment.  Common ablation preparations include:

  • Refrain from applying lotion to your legs or leg shaving the day of your procedure.
  • You will be fitted for thigh high, open-toe compression stockings. These are all available in Minnesota Vein Center’s office.  You will be provided guidelines for wearing these compression stockings post-procedure.  If you have medical grade compression stockings, bring them with you on the procedure date.
  • A mild oral sedative will be offered and is available upon request.  If you do not feel you need this mild sedation for relaxation, you may drive both to and from your procedural appointment.  A driver must be arranged if you decide to take mild sedation.
  • Fasting is not necessary – eating a normal breakfast or lunch is recommended.
  • Paper shorts are available for the procedure, however you may bring your own shorts if you desire.  You may bring iPod, iPad, iPhones, headsets and other devices for diversion.  Most patients are relaxed enough to engage and enjoy conversations with the staff and Dr. Pal during procedures.

It is important to remember that ablations are the ‘gold standard’ for certain venous conditions. You and your vein physician, together, may decide the course you wish to take.  Call Minnesota Vein Center to schedule a visit and learn which options may be right for you.

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