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Summer Sanders, Olympic-Gold Medalist with Varicose Veins

At Minnesota Vein Center, patients are surprised to find that one in four Americans share the same leg symptoms that they are experiencing. You can see their relief when we tell them even Olympic athletes suffer from varicose veins!  Summer Sanders, Olympic swimmer and gold-medalist, shares her story of suffering with varicose veins.

“As a life-long athlete and Olympic swimmer, I never thought a condition like varicose veins or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) would affect me.  It soon hit me that, even though I was active, I was starting to get my mother’s legs.  It’s important for people to realize that varicose veins and CVI can happen to anyone and they are more than just a cosmetic issue.  But you don’t have to live with the uncomfortable and painful symptoms.  There are minimally-invasive treatments available that are covered by many insurance plans.

It’s time to Rethink Varicose Veins.  I’m glad that I did.”  Read Summer’s story and watch as Minnesota Vein Cener joins the nationwide Rethink Varicose Vein campaign.

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