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Men and Varicose Veins

A high percentage of our patients are women.  Does that mean the condition is more common in women than men?  Most people are surprised by the numbers.  While women make up most of the patient population in offices of vein treatment centers, men experience these bulging, twisted veins and discoloration nearly as often.  The fact that men delay treatment is a fact which only creates further problems for these varicose vein sufferers.

How Many?

Estimates of the numbers of men that will develop varicose veins ranges from 25-50 percent of the total population.  The frequency of vein disorders increases with age, with men over 55 becoming more likely to develop varicose veins than those below middle age.  It can occur, however, at any age.  Other risk factors that increase men’s chances of developing varicose veins include:  occupations requiring long periods of standing, obesity and family history.

Complications of Varicose Veins

For some men, varicose veins may seem just a nuisance, however, venous disorders (venous insufficiency, varicose veins) always progress.  Many or most men will develop painful symptoms with their varicose veins, including:

  • Heaviness, achiness of lower legs
  • Cramping, especially at night
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Burning and / or itching
  • Skin color changes ( darkened areas) texture changes
  • Open wounds mid lower leg to ankle area

Open wounds, also called venous ulcers, are the most worrisome symptoms of varicose veins.  These ulcerations are difficult to treat and have a high recurrence rate.  These skin changes are preventable by early detection when less obvious symptoms (such as achiness) appear.  Unfortunately, men are less likely to seek vein treatment in the early stages, making them more vulnerable to the more complicated (ulceration) complications.

Seeking Treatment

One reason men avoid seeking vein treatment is a lack of information regarding the advances of non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments available today.  At Minnesota Vein Center, we offer a full array of vein treatments for advanced care.  These may include:

Venefit –  Use of radiofrequency ( thermal ) technology to treat the problem vein.

CoolTouch – Use of endovenous laser to close the refluxing vein.

VenaSeal –  Use of FDA approved adhesive ( Cyanoacrylate) for ease in closing the incompetent vein.

Sclerotherapy-  Chemical ablation of venous insufficient veins using ultrasound guidance

Micro-phlebectomy –  Minor procedure to remove bulging veins.

These procedures are performed in- office on an outpatient basis.  Patients are able to walk out of the office following treatment and even drive home by themselves.  Most patients return to work the following day and maintain their normal activities with minimal limitations.  Venous circulation is improved as blood flow now is returned by the healthy deep system.  Patients feel their symptoms resolve quickly.

We have been providing high quality vein care for over 14 years in one convenient IAC accredited location.  If you find yourself postponing conversations about your leg vein concerns, contact Minnesota Vein Center at 651-765-8346 to learn of the options in varicose vein evaluation and treatment.