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March Is DVT Awareness Month

March is DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Awareness Month. Dr. Pal of  Minnesota Vein Center stresses the importance of DVT awareness to his patients afflicted with complaints of bulging veins. Patients with spider and varicose vein disease usually have more than superficial aesthetic issues.  One common complication that can result from untreated vein disease is DVT or blood clots.

Deep vein thrombosis affects up to 2 million Americans per year.  This commonly occurring condition can have a fatal complication – PE or pulmonary embolism.  PE most commonly results from deep vein thrombosis (a deep leg or pelvis vein clot) which breaks off and migrates to the lung, a process termed venous thromboembolism (VTE).

Awareness is important as deep vein thrombosis can be a ‘silent’ condition.  Public awareness is also important as over seventy-four percent of Americans have little or no awareness of DVT. One-half of DVT episodes have minimal, or no symptoms.   Symptoms that do occur with a DVT are very similar to those experienced with other forms of vein disease; some people experience cramps, aching, or general tenderness.  An ultrasound exam can detect venous disease and venous thrombosis.

If you have experienced leg discomfort, throbbing, swelling or unsightly varicose veins, you may have venous disease or venous reflux. March is a great time to investigate the hidden danger of DVT.  Call for a comprehensive evaluation at 651-765-8346.

In recognition of DVT Awareness Month, Minnesota Vein Center also offers a Free Vein Screening on both Monday and Tuesday, March 30th and 31st from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m.  Call our office at 651-765-8346 to schedule and participate in our Free Vein Screening Event which includes an ultrasound and a limited exam.

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