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Five Tips for Successful Vein Treatment

sticky note five tips for successful vein treatment

For those patients with venous insufficiency and varicose veins, the most effective treatments are minimally invasive procedures such as a vein ablation, phlebectomy or sclerotherapy. These advanced measures provide lasting relief from your symptoms and significantly reduce the recurrence of venous disorders, making them an optimal solution for most patients.

Like all medical treatment, however, treatments of vein disorders do take some preparation from the patient for best outcomes.  Here are the basic suggestions to help optimize your treatment outcomes.

1.  Stay Hydrated

Dehydration may cause constriction of your veins.  Maintaining hydration promotes ease of vein treatments.  Remember water is the major component of blood; the body’s circulation does not function well with inadequate hydration.

2.  Take Medications in Advance

If you would like a mild sedative before your procedure, be sure to alert our staff on your procedure day just prior for your treatment.  If you plan to take our mild oral sedative, have a friend or relative drive you to and from your appointment.

3.  Wear Comfortable Clothing

Since your veins should be as relaxed as possible before and during the procedure, wear loose fitting clothing to minimize the pressure on your veins.

To promote circulation in the treated veins, you’ll also want to keep a pair of compression stockings on hand to put on after your procedure.

4.  Provide Necessary Documentation

Some insurance providers require a referral or other documentation before covering the cost of a vein procedure. Our staff will help to ensure your documentation is in order.  Bring any appropriate or additional paperwork to your vein specialist as soon as possible.

5.  Avoid lotions and cosmetics

Many procedures require pre-procedure skin marking, however, lotions or cosmetics may interfere with surgical pen marking placement.  Since makeup, deodorant, cologne, lotions and powders may also affect a sclerosant  procedure, you should not apply them to the area being treated.

If you have any questions about preparing for a vein procedure, our specialists at Minnesota Vein Center are here to help.  Schedule an appointment online or call us at 651-765-8346 to start exploring treatment options.